Baseball Lingo

Baseball – Baseball lingo – jargon – MLB – Baseball wagers

We are well aware that most of our visitors are entirely familiar with this terminology. With the advent of satelite TV though, people all over the world are watching baseball. The terms can be a touch confusing if you didn’t grow up with them on your lips.

1B Single
2B Double
3B Triple
AB At Bats (Does not include walks, hit by pitch or Sacrifice Flies & Hits)
AB/HR Home Runs per At Bat Ratio
AB/K Strikeouts per At Bat Ratio
AVG Batting Average H/AB
BB Bases on Balls
BR Batting Runs Total Baseball
BR=(.47)1B + (.78)2B + (1.09)3B + (1.4)HR + (.33)(BB + HB) + (.30)SB – (.60)CS – (.25)AB-h) – (.50)OOB
G Games Played
GB Ground Balls
GIDP Grounded Into Double Play
GRD Ground Balls
H Hits
HBP Hit By Pitch
HP/PA Hit Pitches per Plate Appearance
HR Home Run
IBB Intentional Bases on Balls
ISO Isolated Power [ (TB-H)/AB ] or SLG-AVG
OBP On Base Percentage (H+BB+HBP) / (AB+BB+HBP+SF)
OOB Outs On Base Total Baseball
OOB=H + BB + HBP – LOB – R – CS
PA Plate Appearance (AB+BB+HBP+SF+SH)
PRO Production OBP + SLG
R Runs
RBI Runs Batted In
RC Runs Created Bill James [(H+BB)*TB] / [AB+BB]
RC/G Runs Created per Game (RC*27)/OM
RG Runs Generated Jim McMartin (.35)(TB + BB) – (.25)(AB – H)
RP Runs Produced RBI+R-HR
SF Sacrifice Fly
SH Sacrifice Hits
SLG Slugging Percentage TB/AB
SO Strike Outs
TA Total Average [TB+SB+BB+HBP-CS] / [AB-H+CS+GIDP]
Bases Gained / Outs Made TB Total Bases H + 2B + (2 x 3B) + (3 x HR)

A Assists
CCS Caught Stealing (On Throws by Catchers)
Ch Chances (Balls hit to a position)
CERA Earned Run Average when Catching
DP Double Plays
E Errors
FPct Fielding Percentage (PO+A) / (PO+A+E)
G Games Played
GC Games Caught
GS Games Started
INN Innings
PB Passed Balls
PO Put Outs
RF Range Factor [ (PO+A) (9) ] / # of Defensive Innings
SBA Stolen Bases Attempted (Against the Catcher)
TC Total Chances [ PO+A+E ]
ZR Zone Rating # of Outs made/# of Chances

CS Caught Stealing (On Throws by Catchers or Pickoffs by Pitchers)
CS% Caught Stealing Percentage
SB Stolen Bases
SB% Stolen Base Percentage SB / (SB+CS)
SBA Stolen Base Attempt
HEQ Hoban Effectiveness Quotient Michael Hoban
Offense (TB + R + RBI + SB +(0.5 x BB))
Defense (PO + (3 x A) – (2 x E) + (2 x DP)) x 0.445 {Position Multiplication Factor}
HEQ Offense + Defense

St Started
Pl Played
W Win by pitcher
L Loss by pitcher
S Save by pitcher
IP, IP3rd Innings Pitched, and 3rds of Innings Pitched
BF Batters Faced
R Runs scored off pitcher
ER Errors committed during pitching stint
H Hits off pitcher (totals, not just singles)
2B Doubles off pitcher
3B Triples off pitcher
HR Home Runs off pitcher
BB Walks by pitcher
HP Batters Hit by pitcher
WP Wild Pitches by pitcher