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Games similar to field hockey have a long history around the world. The modern standard variant of field hockey was developed in nineteenth century England.

Stick and ball games with some similarities to field hockey include the Irish game of hurling – and its Scottish cousin shinty – which dates from at least 1272 B.C in Ireland. In Inner Mongolia, China, the Daur people have been playing Beikou, a game similar to modern field hockey for about 1,000 years. European settlers in Chile in the 16th century described a hockey-like game of the Araucano Indians called chueca – or ‘the twisted one’ from the twisted end of the stick used by players. In Western Australia, early white settlers witnessed Noongar people played a game called dumbung, in which bent sticks were used to hit a ball made of dried sap from the native peartree. The game is believed to be the source of the name of Dumbleyung, a town near where it was played. Information supplied by Wikipedia.

Hockey Wagering Information
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The event must be completed on the day the game has been scheduled. In addition, fifty-five minutes of play must take place for the game to have action.

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