Casino Winners

Biggest Casino Winners

Have you ever thought of the idea of who are the biggest casino winners in the most popular Vegas Casinos? You might be quite surprised to know the truth. The biggest winners are not those who always go to the casino everyday or professional poker players who make a living playing poker or those who are into playing the $100 slot machines. They are ordinary people, just like you and me, who just happen to take the chance and pull that lever.

Guess what? The biggest winners are all winners of the slot machine, Megabucks jackpot. The jackpot prize starts at $7million and it will progress until such time as a person becomes the mega winner.

There is this one lucky man who won the jackpot twice. Yes, talking about luck. This man is Elmer Sherwin. He was 92 years old when he won his second jackpot at Megabucks. He won a total of $21 million which is 16 years after he won his first jackpot $4.6 million. He won both of the jackpot prizes playing in Las Vegas. As a winner he will receiving his winnings in installments (annual) but he is planning to donate his winnings towards Hurricane Katrina’s victims. The first jackpot he won had given him the oportunity of his life to tour around the world.

Another big time winner was a woman who lived in Hawaii, Amy Nishimura. She was 71 when she was traveling through Las Vegas on vacation and went home $8.9 richer as she won the Megabucks jackpot at the Freemont hotel. She spent $100 playing the slots.

The biggest jackpot winner ever recorded was $39.7 which was won in March of 2003. The winner was 25 year old male player who came from Los Angeles and who was just visiting Las Vegas to watch the NCAA basketball games. He simply sat down in front of the slot machine, played for a while and walked away a multi-millionaire.

Even people who play sportbooks are winning a lot of money. There are now many who win millions of dollars but chances are with consistent play there will likely be many more big winners. The key is to pick sports winners often to the point where you will end up winning most of the games you bet on.

This simply shows you don’t need to be an addict to become a millionaire playing casino games. All it takes is just that very moment where you simply sit, insert a coin, pull that lever and puff! You are playing the game of your lifetime that might make you come home millions richer.

Who knows when a big winner will be announced, but if you are not playing you can not expect to win. Also the more you play the greater your chances.