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Boxing Wagering - Rules for wagering on boxing - Win - Draw - Boxing Betting

Wagering rules
The following is the correct ruling in boxing involving a draw for most International Sportsbooks. We follow this format. When a draw is on the board as one of the options available for wagering and the fight ends in a draw, the sportsbook pays only those who bet a draw. However, if a draw was not available at the sportsbook, then all monies are refunded. Sportsbooks who did not carry a draw as an available betting proposition are obligated to refund all wagers. Sportsbooks that offered the draw pay only on the draw and do not refund any wagers on either fighter.

The following examples define the rule.

Example 1
*Wager Format*
presented to Bettor
(A) Jones -140
Smith +120
Draw +1500

(B) Jones by KO 4/1
Jones by Dec. 2/1
Smith by KO 6/1
Smith by Dec 3/1

Example 2
*Wager Format*
presented to Bettor
(A) Jones -140
Smith +120

(B) Jones by KO 6/1
Jones by Dec 3/1
Smith by KO 4/1
Smith by Dec 2/1
Draw 28/1

Example 1 (A) The bettor has the option to wager on Jones, Smith or a Draw. In this instance, it should be stipulated by the sportsbook that in the event of a draw, any wagers on Smith or Jones will lose due to the three-way betting format.

Example 1 (B) This is a seperate betting proposition where a draw would result in a refund of those who wagered on Jones or Smith by KO, Dec, etc.

Example 2 (A) The bettor has the option of wagering on Smith or Jones only. In the event of a draw, all wagers are refunded.

Example 2 (B) This is a seperate betting proposition where a draw would result a 28-1 payout. Obviously, if Jones won by Dec, the bettor would be paid accordingly. (3-1 as shown in the example).
  • When the bell sounds to begin the first round, the bout will be considered official for betting purposes, regardless of the scheduled length or title.
  • The bout must have the original scheduled length to have action on the rounds propositions.
  • A moneyline is used to wager when betting rounds.
  • Each round is three minutes in duration, a half-round is defined as 90 seconds.
  • A stoppage of 1 minute 30 seconds in the round is a tie No action. One minute 29 seconds or less and DOES NOT GO is deemed to be the winner and 1 minute 31 seconds or more and DOES GO is deemed to be the winner.

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